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1. Chris Gustafson - February 2, 2010

For this particular website, I would say that I want everyone to know just how much Toastmasters has helped me so far. About three years ago I took a temporary promotion (more responsibility, no pay change!) into an office environment. I quickly found that the new job description required some manner of formal speaking on a fairly regular basis. Nothing world-altering, but presenting budget and operational updates to personnel that are much higher up in the food chain than I am. I responded with stammering, sweating, blushing and overall, a poor presentation of my skills and knowledge. I knew what I needed to say and do, but presenting it in a competent and confident manner eluded me. I joined Pillow Talk Toastmasters and found myself doing the same things in the meetings. But once I began to conquer those fears and bad habits in the small, informal locale of the club, it began to carry over to my other presentations in professional settings.
I realized how far I’d come when my crew and I were invited to a holiday breakfast at a local retirement community. We were presented a check for one of our charities and there was a pregnant pause while everyone waited for some sort of speech or response. The dozens of times when we practiced our spontaneous answers to off-the-wall questions gave me enough confidence to rise and address a crowd of 100 people with a few minutes of off the cuff remarks, thoughts and thank you’s. No sweating, no blushing, no nervous reactions. Just a sense of confidence.
I’m no good at selling things, whether they’re items or groups, but this is something that is worth your time if you have any sense of wanting to improve your public speaking skills. As they say, if they can help me, they can help anyone!

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