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120 Things to Help You Create Your Bucket List February 16, 2010

Posted by Connie Burtcheard in Favorite Functionary.

Your Life List: Create A List of Things To Do Before You Die

Set some time aside to create your life list and stop putting off your dreams for “someday”. Take inspiration from the movie “The Bucket List” and ask yourself: If I had one year left to live, what would I be sure to do?

Create a list of 100 things you want to do before you “kick the bucket” and start crossing items off your list, today. So, what should you include in your life list? Maybe you want to . . .

  1. Write a script for a TV show.
  2. Do stand-up comedy.
  3. Attend Loy Krathong, the sky lantern festival in Thailand.
  4. Go camping.
  5. Ride a gondola in Venice.
  6. Learn how to salsa dance.
  7. Host Saturday Night Live.
  8. Visit a Renaissance fair.
  9. See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre.
  10. Witness a solar eclipse.

“Will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed (98 3/4% guaranteed).” – Dr. Seuss

Click Here to read the entire lists



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