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Tip of the Week: Run Amok January 27, 2010

Posted by Connie Burtcheard in Favorite Functionary.
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Recently, at the Golden Globe awards, host Ricky Gervais opened strong and received warm audience response. Then he steered off course, and set in motion a comedy death spiral. It all centered on his private body parts. An inappropriate topic, the audience withdrew their support. The more strained and feeble their response, the more desperate and unfunny Ricky became.

When you sense the audience or client pulling back; reacting badly to a comment; or losing interest, simply STOP! Avoid the automatic human default to add more detail, tap dance faster or increase your speed. Pause, breathe, and proceed. Don’t let anxiety make you run amok. Hit the reset button – which is always within your reach.


What Aristotle can teach us about persuasive speaking January 26, 2010

Posted by Connie Burtcheard in Tips and Topics.
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In a recent blog by Andrew Dlugan titled “Ethos, Pathos, Logos: 3 Pillars of Public Speaking” identified Artistotles secret to being a persuasive speaker.

He introduces us to the three pillars that Aristotle outlined.  He identifies Ethos ad the credibility or character of the speaker.  He then tells us that Pathos is the emotional connection the speaker has with the audience.  He explains that Logos is the logical argument.

In this post, Dlugan states several times both in his statement as well as in response to a few of the commentators that all three of these pillars are important when giving presentations.  He teases us in this post about how each individual pillar relates to our speaking and promises to address each pillar individually in future posts.

I agree with him that each pillar is important in public speaking.  I also agree with the comment that depending on the audience and purpose of the presentation will determine the order of importance of these pillars.

I will continue to pass along Dlugan’s posts on this subject, but I would also like to get your opinion of which of these three pillars ranks the highest and under what circumstances.